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Mauritius Based Digital Marketing Agency

Dizital Concept is a Mauritius based digital marketing agency. Specialises in website design, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO and graphic design.

We help all sizes of business in different industries. We build attractive, responsive and engaging websites. A good website should have both functional and elegant visual. That’s is why we combine our branding, graphic design, local SEO, SEO to give you an extra complete boost for your business.

We understand the need that your business has to grow and be successful. That’s why we offer a specific strategy and concept that is tailor-made only for your business.

Full-Service International Digital Marketing Agency

Dizital Concept is a full-service marketing agency in Mauritius. Our marketing agency values are honesty, creativity and innovation.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Values


Honesty helps us build trust among our customers, employees and other stakeholders. We aim to build a long-lasting relationship.

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We encourage creative ideas from our team members. They bring the most brilliant, beautiful and inspirational ideas to aspire our customer.


We keep innovating at all level in our business. We believe that innovation is a fundamental aspect of our agency. Innovation is the key to success.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Mission

Our mission is to help your business grow. We provide top quality, result-oriented and tailor-made services. We aim to deliver personal, passionate and unique services to our clients each time. Dizital Concept is driven by creativity and innovation.

We offer top-notch services when it comes to digital marketing. Whether you are looking for SEO services or social media marketing we give you the best results.

Our dedicated team members are knowledgeable in their specialised field. We communicate with you throughout the whole process.  Dizital Concept guarantees an exclusive customer experience.

Testimonials From Interns

Web and Graphic Design at Dizital Concept

As an intern, I found myself surrounded by mentors who were dedicated to helping me succeed.I was assigned tasks that challenged me and allowed me to put my classroom skills to the test in real-world circumstances. I am grateful to Dizital Concept and the entire team for welcoming me for my professional career during my studies in the university.

I am very excited to have been well trained and equipped by Dizital Concept where I can use tools such as Asana, Google Drive etc. to enhance my career in the technological world.

Frank Edem Opare, Graphic Designer, University For Development Studies, Ghana

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

I am very happy and excited to be an Intern in this great digital Industry, Dizital Concept. I am honoured and blessed to have spent three months with Dizital Concept. I was privileged to manage and work with Dizital Concept's social media platforms as a social media marketer.

I was opportune and privileged to learn how to research, derive and post social media content on Facebook. I also learned how to use ASANA, Google drive, Google meet etc for project management, business communication and analysis. With the help, supervision and coaching from Dizital Concept staffs, I was able to adapt to the digital environment which enabled me to know more about Digital Marketing and research methodology.

Dizital Concept empowered and offered me a deluge of knowledge as a University undergraduate. I was assigned to free vital online courses which helped to refine, define and redefine my mental perspective about digitalization and social media marketing. Dizital Concept was the best environment for me, they helped me to gain real work experience that will help me gain proficiency and preeminent in the career world.

With a sign of alacrity and adulation, I appreciate Dizital Concept for their magnificent, resourceful and preeminent impact upon me and my specialisation. Thank you so much for the wonderful privilege to work in your noble establishment.

Olisa Emeka Godwin, Social Media Marketer Intern, University Of Portharcourt, Nigeria

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

During my short 2 months internship, I'm honoured to have spent time and known the Dizital Concept family.

As a social media and content marketer, I had the opportunity to learn how to manage professional Facebook and Instagram pages, how to use productive tools such as Asana, Google Drive, and Facebook Business. With personal coaching from the Dizital Concept staff, I was able to adapt to a new working environment that was both flexible and fault-tolerant.

As a university student, Dizital Concept offered me what every university student could wish for, a balanced environment between theories and practical application, where you can learn from your mistakes, and where your ideas can make an impact.

I'm grateful to Dizital Concept for this short but amazing experience where I learned how to use tools that will help me during my career as a digital marketer.

Jonathan Wee Kwong Liong, Social Media Marketer Intern, University of Mauritius

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

Dizital Concept has been a real eye-opening experience. My 8-weeks internship at the company was a
great encounter and I enjoyed forming part of the family of this digital agency. As a digital marketer and
social media representative, I have been able to learn how to operate the LinkedIn profile of Dizital
Concept thereby growing its followers, managing professional platforms such as Google Drive and Asana.

Being a tertiary level student, Dizital Concept has allowed flexible coaching, has helped me to gain
knowledge for theories and practical learning and to come up with new ideas as a future digital marketer.

I had the opportunity to be involved in different stages in decisions for raising the level at Dizital Concept
and I felt my input was valued by the company.

I'm grateful to Dizital Concept for the amazing experience despite the short duration of time. It was an
honour to work with such a highly-motivated and passionate team and I'm thankful to the agency for the
experience offered to me.

Mevin Sirouven Maureemootoo, Social Media Marketer Intern, University of Mauritius

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

I’ve had the opportunity to do a 2 months internship at Dizital Concept as a Social Media Marketer and it has been a very fruitful experience. It was my first time applying for a virtual internship and it was a very different yet really fun experience.

As a student, balancing work and school can sometimes be a challenge, however the virtual nature of this internship provided me great flexibility in my daily schedule.

The best thing about this internship is that it was structured into different series of tasks, most of which revolved around social media promotion and content creation and it also provides you with a great amount of exposure. It acquaints you with the different tools and methods which are used in digital marketing. For instance, I had the opportunity to make use of the Asana software and familiarize myself with Facebook Business suite. And now, I can confidently say that I can promote any market or brand, manage and create content on any social media platform. Moreover, I also explored my ability to create visual contents and make use of different platforms such as Canvas and Adobe to do so.

Dizital Concept also provided me with free online courses which has definitely been useful to refine my skills in copywriting and content marketing. I am very grateful to Dizital Concept for the amazing and fruitful experience.

Pallavee Ratnamala Reejhaw, Social Media Marketer Intern, University of Mauritius

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

My internship at Dizital concept was a worthwhile experience in the past two months as working with them has equipped me with the tools I needed in order to progress in my academic and professional career as a digital marketer.

As a social media marketer, I had the opportunity to make decisions on my own and to give feedback as well, while managing the different social media platforms such Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, and also, to be more productive by using various tools such as Business suite & Asana.

 The internship was very varied. Here at Dizital Concept, I have learned a lot about digital marketing: social media, market research, copywriting, website design and graphic design. I have also benefitted from attending different courses on Social Media Ads, Copywriting & Content Marketing.

Even in a virtual setting, this internship experience exceeded my expectation and I can honestly say I have learned new things every day, and that Dizital Concept has allowed me to grow and learn. This internship was very beneficial to me as I felt that I was doing meaningful work and contributing to the company’s growth.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Dizital Concept team.

Menisha Appadoo, Social Media Marketer Intern, University of Mauritius

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

My internship experience at Dizital Concept was a unique and valuable one. Being with such a great team and friendly atmosphere has encouraged me a lot to enhance my creativity level. 

As a Social media Marketer, I had the opportunity to acquire great knowledge and experience on Social media content creation, newsletters and blogs. I also had the chance to familiarise myself with different tools such as Asana, MailerLite and Facebook Business suite. To further my knowledge, Dizital Concept has even provided me with free online courses. 

As a university student, it can sometimes be challenging to work and study at the same time, but Dizital Concept remote working culture has enabled me to create a balance between my studies and work. And last but not least, I have gained great teamwork experience at Dizital Concept.

I am grateful for being a part of the Dizital Concept team and I believe I have gained Valuable experience to further my professional Growth.

Ashna Radhakissen, Social media Marketer intern, University of Mauritius

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

My internship journey at Dizital concept has truly been an interesting one and I am truly grateful to have come across this digital marketing agency. In Mauritius, it is very rare to find businesses that adopt the remote working culture and are fully dedicated to creativity and innovation. Dizital Concept is undoubtedly one of these rare businesses.

As a student with ZERO working experience, I was practically nervous to join the working field, even as an intern. But, I was genuinely amazed and honoured by the welcoming and friendly environment I experienced with the Dizital Concept family. I was able to work at a flexible pace, enabling me to easily juggle between my academic, personal and professional lives. 

In fact, I never really felt like an intern during my two months at Dizital Concept; I was treated like a true member of the organisation. I was always encouraged to share my views and ideas, and they were all valued and discussed. Most importantly, I was able to enhance my communication skills and expand my network, which I believe is very crucial. I was even entrusted with serious responsibilities that always made me feel motivated to work and give my best. 

The best part of the internship was that every week I would learn new things. It is astounding how complex yet fascinating the processes of each marketing activity can be. From social media marketing, email newsletters to blogging... I have enjoyed every task that I have performed during my time at Dizital Concept. I have got the chance to apply most of the theories that I have learnt academically as well as learn more. This extensively contributed to my baggage of skills and knowledge and I am confident that I will be using all of them in my career.

To finish, I would like to add that I do not regret my experience at Dizital Concept at all. In fact, I feel really proud to have worked with this digital marketing agency, even if it was for a short period of time.

Hanshi S. Jory, Social Media Marketer Intern, University of Mauritius

Social Media Marketer at Dizital Concept

Interesting, enriching, and fulfilling! These are the words I will always use to describe my internship at Dizital Concept.

As a student who previously had no work experience in the field of digital marketing, Dizital Concept gave me the opportunity to put my skills, knowledge, and capabilities into practice while teaming up with a group of talented people.

I am grateful for the warm welcome I received from this wonderful team, and from day one, the Dizital Concept Family took me as one of their own, and I am truly honoured to have been more than just an intern.

My opinions and ideas have always been valued by the team, and I had the feeling of contributing effectively to the growth of the agency, which boosted my creativity, my self-confidence, and my desire to give the best of myself each and every day.  

I never thought that a remote internship would have been such a fruitful experience! I gained valuable knowledge and work experience in a flexible working environment that allowed me to perfectly balance my academic, professional and personal life. 

I discovered where my true potential lies, and I can honestly say that I had one of the best learning experiences any undergraduate student could wish for.

Academic achievement alone is certainly not the only key to success! As a result of this incredible work experience at Dizital Concept, I feel well-equipped and more excited than ever to pursue a successful career in digital marketing.

Anne-Sophie Louis, Digital Marketer Intern, Curtin Mauritius

Graphic Designer at Dizital Concept

I had put my life on hold for two months in the middle of my degree to experience, for the first time, a business that adopted remote working.

My internship at Dizital Concept was an enriching experience with a distinctive and cordial atmosphere. I felt special and valued as a Graphic Designer among the wonderful and professional team.

I found myself surrounded by mentors who were dedicated to helping me succeed, with additional online courses to enhance my expertise. I was assigned tasks that challenged me
and gave me the opportunity to express my creativity and to put into practice my acquired
skills and knowledge. Moreover, I realised that there was a production chain behind each artwork and there were key rules to take into consideration namely, colors, spaces, sizes, and every graphic element.

To conclude, I would like to add that this saddens me that these days have flown away rapidly and I strongly recommend each one to encounter it. It marked my life as a one-time work experience.

Marie Sylvana Fabiola Agathe, Graphic Designer Intern, University of Technology of Mauritius

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